Who We Are

The Missouri Barn Alliance and Rural Network (Mo BARN) is a membership-based non-profit organization advocating for the preservation, documentation and re-use of historic barns and farmsteads in our state. Responding to the rapid rate at which we are losing our  historic rural architectural resources, Mo BARN has partnered with the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office in developing barn and farmstead documentation materials, so that both organizations can contribute to Missouri’s Statewide Architectural Survey of Barns and Farmsteads.

This Marion County barn clings tenuously to the landscape in late summer of 2008.
Just a little over a year later, the barn has nearly dissolved into the landscape.

If you are interested in having your barn and/or farmstead included in the survey, see the instructions and forms online under “survey for barns and farmsteads” or send us an email at missouribarn@yahoo.com.  We are particularly interested in engaging youth and other organizations (such as 4H and FFA) in participation in the survey. We are happy to visit with you and provide detailed instructions on how to survey and lead survey teams.

Interested in learning more or becoming a member of Mo BARN? Click here to download our very first newsletter, which includes a membership application.

Also join us on Facebook, where you can see our many photographs of barns cataloged in albums by county, and also see barns that our friends have posted on our page.